Semester 1 Visits to Australian Universities

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Semester 1 Visits to Australian Universities Empty Semester 1 Visits to Australian Universities

Post  Admin on Fri Apr 04, 2008 12:03 pm

Hello All.

This is to inform you that we will be conducting our Semester 1 visits to your campus in late April and May.

Date for visits are as follows:

April 28 - 30 Curtin University
May 1 - 2 Uni WA
Edith Cowan
May 5 - 7 Adelaide University
May 8 - 9 Melbourne University, RMIT and Monash
May 12 - 14 Uni NSW and Newcastle University
May 15 ANU
May 16 Griffith University
May 19 -21 Air New Zealand

Please ensure that you make yourself available for interviews, your University will be organising with you times and schedules.

We will be sending out a self assessment questionairre later this month, we hope that you will have this completed and emailed to us before we get there. Also for the Undergrauate students, Yacoub and I will be wanting to talk to you about Time Management and your Financial Budgeting.

We will be having a Dinner in each City so please let me know who of you wish to assist us in organsing a dinner. We will need some local assistance to choose and reserve a place for our growing number of students now in Australia.

We hope that you also keep using this forum more effectively please advise me if there is anything you think needs changing.

Look forward to seeing you soon.

Dr Antonio Curulli


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