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Al-Falih Wants Safety to Run Deep

TANAJIB, 3/19/2008 - Saudi Aramco's Operations executive vice president said it was time for all employees to recommit themselves to safety and that safety is as important off the job as it is on the job.

"We experienced a very large number of off-duty injuries, which tells us that safety has not been fully embedded in our people's behavior," Khalid A. Al-Falih told executives gathered in Tanajib for a safety review. "As we say in every safety meeting, the key to the puzzle is how do we penetrate the minds and psyches of our fellow employees and embed safety into their instinctive actions? The high number of off-the-job injuries tells me we are far from achieving this."

Al-Falih said that was particularly important due to the company's longstanding safety leadership in the Kingdom's Eastern Province - which society expects us to maintain.

"When people on the outside notice that Saudi Aramco employees are no longer the role models they once were, it becomes apparent that we need to recommit ourselves to safety and assume our historical safety leadership role."

Al-Falih also commended Safaniya for some excellent safety achievements, especially on the job. He encouraged local management to build on those successes to reach the corporate goal of preventing all injuries on and off the job.

(Article by Stephen L. Brundage)


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