Annoying things about process systems and another subject

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Annoying things about process systems and another subject Empty Annoying things about process systems and another subject

Post  Abdullah Ali Al Jabr on Tue Dec 04, 2007 9:26 am

My colleagues and I did five subjects this semester. Math 1A, Introduction to petroleum and fluid, Engineering computing, Process systems and Introduction to petroleum geoscience. I will tell you some facts about two of these subjects which I find very irritating. Let me start with process systems. In process systems, we had a mid-term test and the lecturer came about 4 minutes late to the test, and he didn't give more time at the end of the test. I would have got better mark if he gave us these four minutes.

There were three reports that we were supposed to hand in to the office of chemical engineering. With a friend I handed in all of the three reports and I couldn't get one of them back. I checked with the lecturer and he said to me he cant do any thing about this unless I have a proof that I handed in my report. He gave me a mark of zero for a report I did and I handed in. The lesson to be learn from this is whenever you hand any thing make sure you have a copy of it or a proof just in case it get lost.

When I initially checked my process systems result, it was 24 F. I went to the course coordinator who happens to be the lecturer and I told him that I think there is something wrong with my final grade. He said to me if it is 24 on access Adelaide, than it is 24 in real. I asked him if I can see my exam script and he refused and said I can only make a formal request for re marking my exam. Then I asked him to check how much I got in the exam. There was a serious mistake in putting the grade on access Adelaide and my grade wasn't 24. Two or three days after this, a friend of mine went to him to check his exam script and he showed my friend the exam script.

The other subject is Intro to petroleum geoscince. For the first eight or six weeks of the semester, the materials we we are supposed to study from weren't available on my uni. The semester was only 12 weeks, and for six weeks there were no material to study from. For me, it was very confusing to know which material should I review for this or that topic in the introduction to petroleum geoscince subject. I like subjects that are very clear and they tell you the name of the book, and the page number you should read to review and understand a certain topic of the subject. Today is the fourth of December and up to this moment we still haven't got our final results for that subject. The supp exams started in the 3rd of December and finish in the 9th December. I just don't know what is it gonna be like when they give a student a supp exam.

After this,I will try to be always prepared for all sort of things while studying.

The reason of telling this story is to let you know about the difficulties I have been through in this semester. I am not turning my face on the light side of this semester there were some wonderful tutors I came across with. But the there are some things that happened to me especially in these two subjects are exactly the kind of things you don't expect to happen in a university not in one of Australia's best universities.

Abdullah Ali Al Jabr

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